Club re opening phases 1 & 2

Club re opening phases 1 & 2

Saturday, 13 June 2020

Golf Club - Re-Opening Protocols.

Please note changes for phase 2.

1. Play in fourball form at 14 at minute intervals.

Please observe these changes.

Stay safe and enjoy your golf

Phase 1 & 2

Page 1: Introduction

Page 2: Course Access

Page 3: Booking & Arrival

Page 4: The Clubhouse & Pro-Shop & To the Tee

Page 5: On the Course

Page 6: Home Safe & Summary


Nenagh Golf Club we are delighted to welcome those members within the county limit who intend to play, back to the Golf Club. Additional Guidelines were issued on Thursday 14th May by Sport Ireland, please take the time to read these on We are fortunate that Golf has been allowed as one the first sports to return to some degree of normality. We would also like to place on record our thanks to our Admin, Green Keeping and Maintenance Team for carrying out the permitted essential works during the period of closure - this has allowed us to return to our Course and Club in a very acceptable standard.

Paramount in our thoughts now is allowing you, our members, to enjoy your game in a safe environment. This practical guide has been prepared to inform everyone of how Golf will operate during Phase 1 & 2 of our re-opening. The measures are, we believe, robust and will be monitored by Staff and Club Volunteers in the coming weeks. The guide covers each step of the journey from home to the appointed tee time and back home again. These measures are in place from start to end of play seven days a week until further notice. The measures and protocols are under constant review and refinement and will be updated as the need arises or in line with Government, HSE or ILGU/GUI updates.

Currently only full paid up members and those who have arranged a payment plan will have access to the club and BRS for mandatory tee time booking. If you have a balance outstanding, please call the Admin Office - mornings only - where you can make payment of the full balance or arrange a staged payment plan. Make sure to do this before booking to avoid any embarrassment. Tom can also take Credit Card payments but only in exceptional cases.

We ask for your complete co-operation with the measures listed herein as all Golf Courses will be under extreme scrutiny in the coming weeks. We hope that, through our adherence to these protocols, we will work successfully toward the gradual lifting of the current restrictions and a return to as close to normal operations as possible, in due course.

Please enjoy your golf in safety by observing all the recommendations and call out any errant or forgetful members of your Group.

Course Access

The Gates will open and close to Members at the following times until further notice

• Open Monday to Sunday from 8.45am to 9pm. Ist Tee Time will be 9am and the last booking is 7pm.

• Do not attempt to come to the Course earlier or outside of these times. The Course Staff will be out early and have been instructed to report anyone found on the Course outside of these hours. Under no circumstances should anyone park outside the gate to the Club or at the Machinery Yard, clamping may apply.

• In the initial phases the Club will be open to MEMBERS ONLY. Play will be in 4-balls at 14-minute intervals. We hope to allow non-members to visit in due course, initially at the invitation of members – and further notice will be given when this is allowed.

Access to Golf will be via Booking through the BRS system only and will go live on;

• Friday 15th at 9am

There will be a further update of tee sheets openings published in the coming weeks

Members are asked to play a maximum of 3 times per week and included in the three times, only once at the weekend This is to facilitate as many members as possible getting some golf and will be reviewed after two weeks. Members booking more than 3 times in a week during this initial phase, will be removed from the Timesheet.

• Members who have been out of the Country in the previous 14 days should not visit the Club during that Self Isolation Phase.

• Members should not visit the Club if doing so puts them in contravention of Government Restrictions.

• Members should not visit the Club if displaying any symptoms of Covid-19 and Self Declaration is mandatory for the staff & all Members and Staff at the Club.

The usual reserved tee times for Ladies on a Thursday remain in place.

Due to the expected volume of play and the necessity for staff to maintain the physical distancing protocols there will be times when the timesheet will be reserved for essential course maintenance. Absolutely no “cutting-in” is permissible in order to allow the course staff work ahead of the golfers.

Juniors Members – Must play in the company of a family member / adult.

Booking & Arrival

Time Sheet will open as stated at 9am on Friday 15th for the 1st weeks play, the time for BRS booking for the following weeks will be notified in advance.

Pre-booking your tee time in advance is compulsory in Phase 1 & 2.You can book via BRS or by phone. Pre-booking is Mandatory to facilitate contact tracing should a member be affected with Covid-19.

Please note that golfers who do not use booked tee times will be restricted from making further bookings. If you cannot attend at short notice, please inform the Pro Shop immediately and take your name off the time sheet via the BRS system.

We recommend that your Golf Clubs and Equipment be sanitised before leaving home.

Ensure that you have sufficient numbers of golf balls, markers, tees of your own. For the safety of yourself and others do not exchange equipment with others. Contact Èanna or one of the Proshop team in advance for any such equipment needed 086-1643335 -

• Golfers should travel to the Club alone, or with a member of the same household only. Please observe Government Guidelines on travel.

• Please Park where carpark attendants advise on arrival at the club.

• Arrive at the Club no more than 15 mins before your reserved tee time.

• Resist the temptation to mingle prior to tee off (or after golf).

• Change shoes and prepare your golf equipment by your car in the car park only

Clubhouse & Pro Shop

The Clubhouse remains closed for now as per government policy. Golf Equipment retrieval from the lockers can be accommodated on week one and we request that all members keep their equipment in their car thereafter until further notice. Only 2 players are permitted in the Toilet area at a time.

The ladies and gents’ toilets in the locker rooms will be available. Our staff will continue routine cleaning, sanitization and disinfection of all locations, especially all common and high traffic areas, and frequently touched surfaces.

The Pro Shop will be open for limited hours for Check-in 8.45am – 7pm until further notice. Call Èanna on 0861643225 [MO5]

Entry will be restricted to 2 customer’s maximum in the shop at any time.

Please observe the 2 metre queue marks on the floor.

To the Tee

You will be invited to use the practice putting greens 10 minutes before your tee time and holes will be removed from the practice putting greens.

Groups are restricted to a maximum of 4 balls every 14 minutes in this initial phase.

Do not arrive at the first tee more than 5 minutes before your allotted tee time.

Do not enter the teeing ground until all members of the group in front have played their tee-shots and exited the teeing ground.

On The Course

- Club personnel will be on hand to monitor adherence with physical distancing protocols and the protocols set out in this document. Please adhere to all signage outlining the social distancing guidelines in place. No handshakes or high fives etc.

- Buggies are limited to one person at a time or two people from the same household. Hand carts will be available and will be sanitised before use. Be sure to book Rental electric hand buggies in advance.

Golfers are directed to leave the pin in the cup at all times and to avoid touching same. A Putt Buddy is fitted to each Flag Stick to facilitate Ball retrieval once putt is completed. Use the lip fitted on the device and lift with the putter & the Ball will dislodge to the ground.

Rakes have been removed from bunkers.

Players may place within 6 inches. Please leave the bunker in the best condition possible for those playing behind you.

Boundary post should not be moved as per rules of golf

Hazard stakes – Players should not touch hazards stakes and relief should be taken at this time.

Ball washers are covered and not in use. Water fountains & Taps should not be used.

Air Pad / Cleaning Stations are closed. Please try remove grass from shoes and trolley’s before entering the car park.

The on course toilets will be open. We ask for your co-operation to leave them in a suitable state for the next person's use.

Family members should play together, rather than split into mixed groups where possible

Observe physical distancing at all times on the course. Do not enter the next teeing ground until the all members of the group in front have played their tee-shots and exited the teeing ground. Do not exchange or share equipment, food or drink with other players during your round. Do not pick up another player’s equipment or golf ball.

- Note that all Par 3 Holes are Call Through, when you reach the Green have a look back to the Tee and if the Group behind have reached the Tee, stand aside and call them to play their Tee Shots. Once completed, proceed to finish out playing the Hole. The Group following on should only approach the Green when the group in front are clear of the Green.

Home Safe

Return directly to your car and leave the Club.

Lockers cannot be accessed after your Game, please keep your equipment in your car.

Hands should be sanitised after play. It is hoped to have a foot operated dispenser located by the Exit area after the 18th.

Members must call or email the Club with any post-round health issues or Covid-19 related queries.


It is everyone’s wish that the above measures can be relaxed on a regular and on-going basis so that we get back to some semblance of normality, including competitions, prior to season end however this can only happen if members have regard for the above protocols/their fellow members, and comply with what is asked of them.

As the Club was limited to “essential maintenance” only during the period of closure, Members are reminded that their expectations for the standard of the Golf Course should be tempered accordingly. This document will be updated and forwarded to members as and when changes are made by the Club, the ILGU/GUI or the relevant Government Bodies.

Management Committee Friday 15th May 2020

Saturday, 13 June 2020